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Online Food and Pharmacy

Proper nutrition and rehabilitation/physical medicine go hand and hand to help achieve optimal results.

You can visit the company’s website and learn about the products that our doctors recommend for pets on maintenance and/or weight loss diets.

Secure order forms are provided here so you can purchase products, if desired, directly from this website. When you sign up for Autoship you can receive these maintenance and weight loss diets at wholesale prices.

Our wellness diets of choice are Life’s Abundance Premium Health Foods because they exceed all of the dietary needs and are free from harmful artificial preservatives. Life’s Abundance Weight-Loss Formula for Adult Dogs is my recommended low-calorie diet for dogs that have the propensity to be overweight.

~ Mark C. Brown, DVM, CCRP


Although we have our own on-site pharmacy, refills of many medications, prescription diets, and flea/tick and heartworm prevention products may be purchased for home delivery on our convenient online pharmacy by clicking here:​​​​​​​

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