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Rehab/Acupuncture Referral

I the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am the owner (or duly authorized agent for the owner) of the animal described above.

I hereby acknowledge that the services to be provided at this time are only that of rehabilitation, fitness, conditioning, and/or Acupuncture.

I also understand that Central Animal Hospital and Tampa Bay K9 Rehab will not be providing services or prescriptions other than rehabilitation, fitness, conditioning, and/or acupuncture.

Services not provided shall include but are not limited to:

  • prescribing medications

  • administering vaccinations

  • wellness examinations

  • radiographs, lab work

  • preventions

  • surgical care (unless discussed and agreed upon with your referring veterinarian)

The only time that services not relating to rehabilitation, fitness, conditioning, and/or acupuncture will be provided is in the event of an emergency when your referring veterinarian is unavailable. An emergency is defined as an injury or illness that requires immediate veterinary medical attention. In these cases, we will provide emergency and stabilization care until your referring veterinarian is open or transfer your animal to a 24-hour emergency/specialty facility.