A Dog Hospital’s Guide to Managing Arthritis

November 20th, 2016 | ​​​​​​​Arthritis Treatment, Canine Orthopedics, Senior Dogs, Weight Management

A Dog Hospital’s Guide to Managing Arthritis

If you notice that your prized pup doesn’t seem to be acting like themselves in St. Petersburg, pay attention to their symptoms. While age can cause some animals to slow down, significant shifts in action and behavior indicate something more serious. If you suspect that your furry friend may be showing signs of arthritis, look for:

  • Limping

  • Challenges with moving

  • Favoring a particular limb

  • Spinal complications

  • Atrophied muscles

Experts at a dog hospital can assess the situation and diagnose inflammation and osteoarthritis. This condition can make things harder for Patches, but that doesn’t mean he has to stop taking part in his favorite activities. Our staff can make these recreational events possible!

Lose Extra Weight

Additional pounds aren’t helpful in any instance, especially if your pooch’s joints are inflamed. Yes, it can be tempting to pass your leftover scraps to Zuzu, but problems with obesity will only aggravate her arthritic pains. The more weight placed on her joints, the harder it will be to reduce swelling, and the more resistant she will be to exercise. Professionals from a dog hospital can provide input on diet, nutrition, and how to get Zuzu moving.

Make Exercise a Priority

Not only will regular walks in St. Petersburg help keep the pounds off, but it will also keep your canine companion in good spirits. Regular movement will keep tendons and ligaments loose, making it easier to maintain an active lifestyle. If the condition is advanced, motion can be debilitating for Waldo. Even rising after a nap can cause him significant physical stress. Instead of limiting his walks, consider rehabilitative programs and specialized exercise equipment.

Dog Hospital & Rehabilitation Center

To keep the aches and strains of arthritis at bay, consider bringing your furry friend to a dog hospital, like Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center. Our staff in St. Petersburg can assist you with understanding the medical condition, as well as providing treatment options, like:

  • Physical therapy

  • Land exercises, like cavaletti rails

  • Underwater treadmill

  • Swim tank

  • Massage

These applications will help ease the pain, reduce swollen joints, and make Gigi into an active, prancing pup again. Don’t dismiss her lethargy as a change in attitude or a result of her age. Instead, come to St. Petersburg for arthritis treatment at Tampa Bay K9’s dog hospital. Reach out online or call (727) 677-9500 to start the conversation. Our goal is to assist any canine in the Tampa Bay area who is in need, so bring yours in today!

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