Is Seeing a Chiropractor for Dogs the Right Choice for Your Pet?

April 16th, 2018 | ​​​​​​​Canine Orthopedics, Canine Rehabilitation, Senior Dogs, Surgery Rehabilitation

Is Seeing a Chiropractor for Dogs the Right Choice for Your Pet?

By visiting a chiropractor for dogs in St. Petersburg, you can help your pet find relief from pain. In addition to pain relief, chiropractic care can help with:

  • Restoring mobility

  • Healing subluxations and slipped discs

  • Realigning the spinal column

  • Helping senior pets

  • Recovering from surgery or other procedures

There are even more benefits of chiropractic care, including the fact that it does not rely on surgeries or painkillers to reduce pain. Many owners prefer to try chiropractic care to see if it helps their pet before resorting to invasive methods when necessary. This is easier on your pet’s body and can lead to fewer side effects.

How Does Canine Chiropractic Care Work?

When a pet feels pain or stiffness in their joints or spine, this is the result of a subluxation. A subluxation is basically a partial dislocation. Subluxations reduce mobility and cause pain. When a chiropractor for dogs adjusts a pet’s spine with gentle force, this action restores mobility and reduces pain. On average, patients feel improvement within 24 hours of an adjustment. Many clients in St. Petersburg notice their pets are acting happier and bouncier right away.

Canine Chiropractic and Massage

When you pet your dog and give it some scratches in its favorite spot, it reacts by wagging its tail and asking for more because it feels good. Massage for pets also allows your dog to indulge and enjoy a rubdown simply because it feels good. Medically speaking, however, massage is ideal for loosening up tense muscles, promoting healing, increasing circulation, and reducing pain. Therefore, canine massage therapy is the best of both worlds for pets and owners; they get to feel good while receiving important health benefits. A chiropractor for dogs can combine both massage and adjustments to give your pet a well-rounded treatment plan that will help them heal.

Visit a Chiropractor for Dogs at Tampa Bay K9 Rehab Center in St. Petersburg

When you visit Tampa Bay K9’s chiropractor for dogs, we will go over your pet’s health history with you. We will make sure to address your pet’s concerns, such as limping, refusing to walk on a limb, or aging. For sprains, strains, and other injuries, chiropractic care can reduce the pain, swelling, and fluid retention surrounding the area. This reduces recovery and healing time, meaning less suffering for your pet.

To schedule an appointment with TBK9, call us today at (727) 677-9500 or contact us online.

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