Weight Loss for Dogs: How You Can Help

June 2nd, 2014 | ​​​​​​​Weight Management

Weight Loss for Dogs: How You Can Help

Weight loss for dogs is simple for the residents of the St. Petersburg area, since there are so many local dog parks; however, beginning your pooch on the path to healthiness starts with you. Make the decision to prolong your pet’s life by being dedicated to their health and happiness. The 2013 National Pet Obesity Awareness survey estimated 52.6% of all US dogs are overweight or obese. A weekly exercise plan is a great way to prevent maladies associated with pets that are overweight, including joint damage, heart disease, and shorter lifespan.

A quick and simple way to tell if your pooch could lose some weight is to rub your hand over where their ribs lie; if you cannot easily feel their ribs, use the short list below to jump-start a path to a happy lifestyle.

Keys to Weight Loss for Dogs in St. Petersburg:

  • Calculate your dog’s ideal weight with a veterinarian – This should be a realistic weight, achievable in six to eight months.

  • Limit the amount food your canine consumes – Invest in an automated feeder that will give a specific amount a food at specific times.

  • Create a schedule for feedings – The automated feeder will help with this, in case you are not home at the same time each day to keep the schedule.

  • Exchange the slow paced walks for brisk ones – When walking for weight loss, walk at a brisk pace for the first half of the walk, and allow your pooch to sniff on the way back home. Start out with a quick stride, but make sure you are not over exerting you pup. Build up your speed every day, so their endurance can increase as well.

  • If your dog prefers human food, pick healthy choices – Treats such as baby carrots, unsalted peanut butter, and low fat cheese are great low-calorie choices.

Together, with a veterinary team, weight loss for dogs can be safely achieved. Tampa Bay K-9 Rehabilitation Center in St. Petersburg offers rehabilitation services for obesity, spinal injuries, arthritis and dogs that need stem cell and other regenerative therapies. Call us now at (727) 677-9500 or contact us online for a tailored weight loss program for your canine.

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