Trust Tampa Bay K9 for Spinal Surgery Rehab for Dogs

October 12th, 2017 | ​​​​​​​Canine Rehabilitation, Surgery Rehabilitation

Trust Tampa Bay K9 for Spinal Surgery Rehab for Dogs

In the unfortunate circumstance that a member of our family is suffering and in pain, we want to do whatever we can to minimize their suffering and treat the cause of their misery. Our pets are family, and unlike humans, they are unable to communicate the parameters of their pain and discomfort. They rely on us to be ultra-sensitive to their nonverbal cues, pre-and post-surgery. We love our pets and want to keep them alive and thriving for as long as possible, which may require having emergency procedure. Surgery for dogs is not uncommon. Based on the breed, there are several conditions that dogs may be predisposed to or that they can contract into old age that would require them to need to undergo a procedure, followed by spinal surgery rehab to recover. Some injuries or conditions that canines often suffer from include:

  • Congenital Vertebral Malformations

  • Intervertebral Disc Diseases

  • Degenerative Disc Diseases

  • Degenerative Myelopathy

  • Fractures

  • Osteoarthritis

If your dog has any of the above conditions or other severe spinal issues that require surgery, your pet will likely be feeling a certain degree of anxiety as well as pain and discomfort before and after the procedure. When considering spinal surgery for dogs, it is often an expensive and emotionally taxing experience for both yourself and your afflicted loved one. There is little you can do to alleviate your beloved dog’s discomfort pre-op. There are however several things that you can do to assist your dog on the road to recovery, including spinal surgery rehab. We will review some of your options below.

Things to Consider Post Surgery

There are still several things that can go wrong post-op, so it is essential that you follow the veterinarian’s specific recommendations. Aside from strictly adhering to the medications prescribed, it is advisable to limit the movement of your dog after the procedure. Many people choose to confine their pet to a small space with strategically placed pillows for the animal’s comfort. It is also critical to create conditions that will minimize or eliminate the risk of your dog scratching or biting its wounds. Physical therapy (PT) services for dogs can expedite and also ensure a safe healing process by providing muscle stimulation, maintaining joint flexibility and muscle mass, preventing muscle atrophy or further injury, and improving sensory awareness, coordination, strength, and balance. Therefore, finding a spinal surgery rehab therapist to assist in the recovery process is advisable.

Spinal Surgery Rehab for Dogs: Who Can Help During Recovery

If you are looking for a certified canine rehabilitation expert in the Tampa Bay area, Dr. Brown of Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center is one of five veterinary Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners (CCRP) in Florida. He received his education and training through the Canine Rehabilitation Program at the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine and is qualified to perform spinal surgery rehab for dogs.

TBK9 Rehabilitation Center has served the Tampa Bay area since March of 2004. In fact, we are the oldest running rehabilitation center in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area, located within Central Animal Hospital. TBK9 Rehabilitation Center delivers individualized physical therapy treatment plans that facilitate recovery. As spinal surgery for dogs requires both acute and chronic care, we offer both.

Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center Services

Spinal surgery rehab for dogs requires a treatment plan that leads to holistic recovery. Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center sees to the health and happiness of your pet. We do this by utilizing the most cutting-edge methods in post-surgical veterinary care. Some of our rehabilitation and physical therapy services include:

  • Hydrotherapy with swim-tank underwater equipment

  • Land exercise therapy

  • Hot moist heat therapy

  • Low level (cold) laser therapy

  • Massage therapy

  • Limited chiropractic therapy

  • Thera-ball therapy

  • Mobility training

Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center also offers stem cell and other regenerative treatments along with their rehabilitation services. Spinal surgery rehab for dogs is necessary and calls for extensive care. You should also consult a rehabilitation center regarding your pet’s recovery needs. We invite you to check us out online or to call us at (727) 677-9500  to learn more about what we have to offer as a highly qualified and trustworthy resource in your pet’s journey to full recovery.

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