Is Exercise Good for a Dog with Arthritis?

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Is Exercise Good for a Dog with Arthritis?

Many humans experience joint issues that require special attention to the way their bodies can exercise. With dogs, they are no different. Water therapy for dogs, also known as hydrotherapy, provides many benefits, especially for canines that suffer from arthritis and joint issues.


Water Therapy for Dogs

The form of therapy typically takes place in a small heated pool with a ramp for the dog to safely enter in. The pool may even be just the size of a large dog with a treadmill-like floor. The water is treated for bacteria with chlorine and similar agents as well. A rehab professional is usually in the pool with the dog in order to guide the dog through exercises and ensure safety. In some instances, pet owners are allowed into the pool to ease a nervous pup into the new situation.

Water therapy for dogs uses the properties of water. Thus enabling a dog to move its joints while feeling supported against the effects of gravity. Gravity can be very harsh for dogs with injuries or arthritis. The properties of water that contribute to the benefits include buoyancy, viscosity, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure.

Your canine’s fitness and mobility are essential to its well-being. These many benefits can lead to a higher quality of life and even prolong the lifespan of a dog.

Water Therapy Benefits for Arthritic Dogs

Hydrotherapy provides low-impact aerobic exercise to keep your canine friend in optimal shape. Specifically, for animals with arthritis, water therapy for dogs allows comfortable movement without the discomfort of pavement and outdoor play.

Water therapy for dogs works because the dog is active while in a non-weight-bearing environment. Hydrotherapy still allows for natural movement and prevents loss of muscle and strength in your canine. This is possible because water provides buoyancy and resistance.

Another additional benefit of water therapy is the reduced time needed for sufficient exercise. We can reduce exercise time because we can increase resistance by changing water levels but also due to the overall resistance that water creates. Further, the warm water in combination with the low-impact effects of the water’s buoyancy can act as pain relief for pets. This includes ailments such as the suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Help your pet remain strong and healthy through water therapy for dogs at Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center. Our dedicated rehabilitation professionals help arthritic and injured dogs recover and live more active lifestyles as a result. Give us a call today at (727) 677-9500 or contact us online to book a consultation for your canine’s personalized treatment plan!

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