The Benefits of Animal Hydrotherapy

December 15th, 2016 | ​​​​​​​Hydrotherapy

The Benefits of Animal Hydrotherapy

Not everyone in Tampa is familiar with the rehabilitative technique of animal hydrotherapy. This method can be used for a multitude of reasons, whether your canine companion is arthritic, recovering from surgery or needs to shed a few pounds. To accommodate your pet and reintroduce physical activity, bring Bruiser to Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center.

Signs Your Dog Needs Animal Hydrotherapy

The benefits of animal hydrotherapy abound, but few re taking advantage of them because they are unaware that their pet could experience relief. Since degenerative conditions, like arthritis, occur over an extended period of time, your perception of Molly may shift too. You might interpret her excessive sleeping as a sign of age rather than joint pain or stress. If your tail-wagging pal exhibits any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to bring them in for a consultation:

  • Obesity or weight gain

  • Disinterest and apathy

  • Stiffness of certain joints

  • Trouble getting up or lying down

  • Evident discomfort when moving or walking

  • Avoids climbing obstacles like stairs or furniture

These symptoms are indicative of a dissatisfying daily routine, no matter your dog’s age, and reintroducing exercise is a fantastic way to jumpstart their energy and attitude. If you are unsure of what Stella requires, your veterinarian in Tampa can likely point you in the proper direction. You might feel frustrated because nearby rehab centers do not offer this service, but do not lose heart! TBK9 is a facility that offers hydrotherapy and is just a short drive away.

FAQs About Animal Hydrotherapy

Most owners want what is best for their furry friend, but they do not always have the information they need. The vet may tell you that Luke would benefit from time on an underwater treadmill, but your inexperience or lack of understanding might make you hesitant. As the premier rehabilitation center and canine hospital in the Bay area, we can help by answering inquiries about animal hydrotherapy.

How Does Water Help?

The water will make Charley weightless, and this buoyancy makes it possible for him to exercise free from physical strain. Without stiffness or discomfort competing for his attention, he can let loose and run like he used to. Many Tampa dog owners are shocked and delighted when they see their dog paddling in the swim tank or cruising on the underwater treadmill. After all, for nearly a year, their pooch has not shown much interest in taking a walk or playing fetch. As Charley rebuilds muscle and endurance with hydrotherapy, his body and mind will also be stronger and sharper.

What Kind of Equipment Will My Dog Use?

At Tampa Bay K9, we provide thorough examinations and individualized treatment plans. For this reason, the tools and equipment your pup uses may differ from other clients. Since each canine comes to us with unique needs, we adapt treatment accordingly. Pepper might utilize the:

  • Swimming tank

  • Weight loss programs

  • Hot moist heat therapy

  • Underwater treadmill

  • Thera-ball

These methods and more may be part of your pooch’s recovery plan, and if you are ever curious about something you see listed on our site, just ask! Between the animal hydrotherapy equipment and corresponding tools, Pepper will lose any unnecessary weight and her spirits will soar.

If My Pooch Is Anxious, How Will You Help Them Adapt To the Tools?

Very few canines in Tampa have encountered treadmills, let alone underwater ones, so our staff makes introductions as smooth as possible. The same goes for swim tanks. Over the years, we have developed a variety of approaches to accommodate various canines, whether yours does not like the life jacket or is unsure about the motor noise. We never force our clients onto equipment before they are ready.

Tampa Bay K9 Rehab Offers Canine Hydrotherapy

TBK9 Rehabilitation Center is the best choice for helping your dog heal. Whether Lucy is struggling with obesity or Boomer needs pain relief after an injury, our staff can assist you. In addition to animal hydrotherapy, we offer:

  • Neurological conditions

  • Geriatric and orthopedic

  • Low level (cold) laser therapy

  • Natural pet food systems

  • Pharmacy on site

This list is just a sampling of all the services we provide to clientele. When your furry friend needs rehabilitation, bring them to Tampa Bay K9. To learn more about our services or to start your pup’s treatment, contact us using our online form or by giving us a call at (727) 677-9500.

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