3 Must-Have Animal Clinic Services

May 10th, 2016 | ​​​​​​​Canine Hospital, Canine Orthopedics, Canine Rehabilitation, Hydrotherapy, Regenerative Therapy

3 Must-Have Animal Clinic Services

When something is wrong with your tail-wagging pal in Tampa, you might be inclined to take them to the vet. But what if your dog has an advanced condition and requires special attention? Not all veterinarians provide spinal surgery rehab, orthopedic assistance, and physical therapy. In such cases, you may be in need of an animal clinic that offers specialized services.

1. Regenerative Therapies

Does Phoebe have severe osteoarthritis? This degenerative disease compromises the joints, making it difficult for your sweet girl to move around. This condition does not have to progress, as she may be a candidate for regenerative and stem cell therapies.

2. Orthopedic Assistance

The passing years bring more than just osteoarthritis. As your canine companion ages, the need for orthopedic services may increase as they deal with:

  • Lameness

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Muscle spasms

  • Luxating patella

  • And more

As parts of their body may begin to fail them, it’s important that you’re prepared to provide for them. It is natural for Buffy to slow down as the years go by, but she should not have to suffer. If you notice that her movements are stiff, or she is resistant to favorite activities, consult with a professional because her physical ability to engage may be limited. The best animal clinic in Tampa for your pet should specialize in orthopedic assistance.

3. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is at the heart of recovery for injured dogs. Whether your pooch sprained its hind leg or is recovering from spinal surgery, exercise will improve their convalescence. Spinal surgeries can cause severe effects like paralysis or limited motion. If your furry friend doesn’t have the right tools, they may not recover properly. Before setting an appointment at your local canine hospital in Tampa, ensure that they have hydrotherapy and dry land exercise equipment like:

  • Swim tanks

  • Underwater treadmills

  • Cavaletti rails

  • Stairs

  • Ramps

  • And more!

The type of equipment used will vary based on your dog’s unique situation, so be sure to ask those at the animal clinic what’s available before scheduling an appointment.

Tampa Bay K9 Animal Clinic

If your furry friend requires some extra medical attention, come to Tampa Bay K9 Rehabilitation Center. Your veterinarian can explain whether your dog requires more than what they can offer. If Darla warrants additional care, come to our animal clinic. We offer the services listed above, as well as treatment for knee injuries, massage therapy, weight loss programs, and more! Contact us online or give us a call at (727) 677-9500 to discuss your needs.

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